Source code for aioli.controller.base

from starlette.endpoints import WebSocketEndpoint

from aioli.component import Component, ComponentMeta
from aioli.exceptions import BootstrapError
from aioli.utils import format_path

from .registry import handlers

class HttpControllerMeta(ComponentMeta):
    def __call__(cls, unit, *args, **kwargs):
        if cls not in cls._instances:
            cls._instances[cls] = super(ComponentMeta, cls).__call__(unit, *args, **kwargs)

        obj = cls._instances[cls]

        if obj not in unit.controllers:

        return obj

[docs]class BaseHttpController(Component, metaclass=HttpControllerMeta): """HTTP API Controller :param unit: Attach to this unit :var unit: Parent Unit :var config: Unit configuration :var log: Controller logger """
[docs] async def on_request(self, *args): """Called on request arrival for this Controller"""
def register_routes(self, api_base): for func, handler in self.handlers: handler_addr = hex(id(func)) handler_name = f"{self.__class__.__name__}.{}" path_full = format_path(api_base, self.config["path"], handler.path) if not hasattr(self, "unit"): raise BootstrapError(f"Superclass of {self} was never created") f"Adding Route: {path_full} [{handler.method}] => " f"{} [{handler_addr}]" ) methods = [handler.method], func, methods, handler_name) handler.path_full = path_full @property def handlers(self): for handler in handlers.values(): # Yield only if the stack belongs to the Controller being iterated on if handler.func.__module__ == self.__module__: yield getattr(self,, handler
class BaseWebSocketController(WebSocketEndpoint, Component, metaclass=ComponentMeta): path = None encoding = "json"