Source code for aioli.service

from .component import Component, ComponentMeta
from .exceptions import BootstrapError

class ServiceMeta(ComponentMeta):
    def __call__(cls, unit, *args, reuse_existing=True, **kwargs):
        if cls not in cls._instances:
            cls._instances[cls] = super(ComponentMeta, cls).__call__(unit, *args, **kwargs)

        obj = cls._instances[cls]

        if obj not in

        return obj

[docs]class BaseService(Component, metaclass=ServiceMeta): """Base Service class :param unit: Attach to this unit :var app: Application instance :var registry: Application ImportRegistry :var unit: Parent Unit :var config: Unit configuration :var log: Unit logger """ _instances = {} loggers = []
[docs] def connect(self, cls): """Reuses existing instance of the given Service class, in the context of the Unit it was first registered with. :param cls: Service class :return: Existing Service instance """ if cls not in self._instances.keys(): unit_name = cls.__module__.split('.')[0] raise BootstrapError( f"Unit {unit_name}, used by Service {cls.__name__}, must be registered with the Application" ) return self._instances[cls]
[docs] def integrate(self, cls): """Creates a new instance of the given Service class in the context of the current Unit. :param cls: Service class :return: Integrated Service """ return self.unit.integrate_service(cls)