The Aioli CLI provides a set of commands for managing an Aioli project.


Attaches the given application instance.

Example – attach app at my_app:export

$ aioli --app_path my_app:export attach


Dump details about the current application.

Example – dump info about my_app:export

$ aioli info


Create a new app with the given name.

Command input

Name Default Description
–dst_path Current directory Directory in which to create the project
–profile minimal One of: minimal, guesthouse, whoami
–confirm Not set Answer yes to confirmations

Example – create a new app using the guesthouse profile

$ aioli create beachhouse --profile guesthouse


Starts a development server.

Name Default Description
–host Bind socket to this host
–port 5000 Bind socket to this port
–no_reload Not set Disable the reloader
–no_debug Not set Disable debug mode
–workers 1 Number of workers

Example – Start the attached application on port

$ aioli start --port 1234


Show a info about attached or remotely available (PyPI) Aioli units.


Work with local units.

Example – show a list of local Units

$ aioli units local list


Work with Units on PyPI.

Example – show details about the aioli-openapi Unit on PyPI

$ aioli units pypi show aioli-openapi